1 John: That You May Know

The author of this book, John, challenges us that a personal relationship with Jesus is the foundation of the Christian life.  Out of this grows obedience to God's commands.  This book instructs, admonishes and encourages its readers as it guides us to a deeper understanding of true faith, proactive ethics and fervent love for God and people.  Join us as we explore 1 John.

Starting the week of March 10 (6 week session ending the week of April 14):

Sundays at 3 pm led by Larry Soper
Larry & Wanda Soper’s home, 500 Palace Pkwy, SC

Sundays at 3 pm led by Bonnie Ransdell
Roy & Celina Auge, 586 Spring Valley Pkwy, SC

Mondays at 6 pm led by Steve Hansen
Steve & Rachel Dunham’s home, 752 Holyoke Dr, SC

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm led by Scott & Robin Richey
Scott & Robin Richey’s home, 1165 Court St, Elko