God Speaks: Learning to Hear His Voice

As followers of Jesus, hearing the voice of God is not an uncommon occurrence.  During this session, we will discover how God speaks.  Together, let’s learn how we can listen.

Starting the week of January 20 through the week of February 10 (4-week session).

Sundays at 3 pm led by Larry Soper
Larry & Wanda Soper’s home, 500 Palace Pkwy, SC

Sundays at 3 pm led by Bonnie Ransdell
Roy & Celina Auge, 586 Spring Valley Pkwy, SC

Mondays at 6 pm led by Pastor Tim Royal
Steve & Rachel Dunham’s home, 752 Holyoke Dr, SC

Tuesdays at  8 am led by Pastor Tim Royal
Linda Zunino’s home, 400 Jiggs Hwy #15, Jiggs

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm led by Scott & Robin Richey
Scott & Robin Richey’s home, 1165 Court St, Elko

Wednesdays at 7 pm led by Pastor Tim Royal
Cesar & Josy Lomeli’s home, 108 Bartlett Drive, SC

Thursdays at 7 pm led by Janet Royal
YOUTH ONLY  (Middle School and High School)
Tim & Janet Royal’s home, 689 Spring Creek Pkwy, SC